5 Ways a Lookbook Can Help Your Business


Lookbooks Are Great for Brand Building! If you own an online business or even a brick and mortar shop, lookbooks are the way to go to engage customers. Here’s a few tips on how a giving your customers a visual aid will boost sales.

  1. Lookbook Are Inspirational – People love looking at pictures. A lookbook can showcase a few or a lot of your hottest items and products. Let customers see first hand how to use or wear them.
  2. A lookbook can double as a media kit. Including certain details in your lookbook such as price, style, availability and other details. Include your contact information and help make it easier for people to find you!
  3. Lookbooks present your collections to the masses. use a lookbook to introduce a seasonal collection or series. The lookbook serves as a storyteller, giving customers an inside look at how they can use your product(s).
  4. Increase your followers, likes and loves by sharing your lookbook over and over again. My Etsy shop has a lookbook listed on Issuu and since I posted it, traffic to the Etsy shop has doubled.
  5. Tell your story. Take an opportunity to introduce you and your brand with a lookbook. Celebrate your business, a product launch or simply tell a story about your goals. Whatever the case, engage. engage, engage!

Need a lookbook? Visit www.oa2designstudio.design 


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